Ros Winner Sterling

About Me

“Working in collage allows for aspects of personality to emerge gradually and yet has a spontaneity that is exciting. As I layer color, texture and pattern, I surround the figure with symbols that are referential in both spiritual and psychological terms. This allows me to create portraits that are meaningful on many different levels.

What inspires me most when I begin a painting is that first glimmer of personality. The painting directs itself from this point on and as the artist, I enjoy being along for the ride. There is something that is supremely satisfying about arriving at a likeness, whether it is the portrait of someone sitting for me, or someone who exists in my imagination. The iconographic content of my paintings stems from many things, but whether from fairytales; the still lifes that I arrange; current events; or my own relationships, it is the emotional content that remains significant to me. People and their human essence are always fascinating and endlessly challenging.”

Ros lives in New York City with her husband and two sons. She teaches visual arts to students at St. Stephen of Hungary School and works with e2 education and environment, teaching visual literacy workshops to students in locations across the globe.



MFA, New York Academy of Art

BFA, University of Notre Dame