Ros Winner Sterling

Seen and Unseen

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"My ongoing series, ‘Seen and Unseen,’ reflects ideas about the nature of portraiture, both spiritual and psychoanalytical. A portrait conveys the external mask while one’s internal world is formed by experiences: pain and beauty; suffering and joy; loss and peace. I begin with the portrait and then imagine the subject’s internal world: in psychoanalytic terms, their psyche; or in spiritual terms, their soul. Unseen aspects of their personality emerge, framed by layers of color, texture and pattern and surrounded by symbols that are referential in both religious and psychological terms. The personal nature of portraiture, with endless possibilities to express internal struggles and triumphs, provides an opportunity to turn the spotlight on social awareness. Human dignity and spirituality seem innately entwined within the soul or psyche of the individual. I try to connect the viewer with the subject and their shared, relevant themes that are both seen and unseen.”


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